Recently your church leadership team have been talking about advancing in the area of youth and family ministry by adding a “pay your own way” youth pastor.  We’ve done this before as a church and with good results.  The way this works is the person who joins our staff is a “tent-maker” which is a term the Apostle Paul uses in saying he would make tents and sell them to provide for his own needs and therefore not be any expense to the young churches he was establishing.

We have begun talking with a young man and his family from Michigan who are excited about the opportunity.  Ben Hostetler is a young 23 year old “Word of Life” trained minister who is married to Abby and they have two fun little boys and a new baby on the way.  They are interested in helping us in ministry.

To get to know them I have spoken at length and have had others talk to both Ben and Abby.  I’m attaching his information to this article and a link to a little video I asked them to make to help us get to know them better.  I sent a list of questions and asked him to in a casual way just talk to us.  It’s a fun video.  I love the energy of the boys and the obvious marriage connection between them.

AND BELOW is more information about this young man

60046 Patterson Hill Rd, Jones MI 49061 


  • Hometown- Marcellus, MI
  • Home Church- Edwards Corners Bible Church
  • Salvation Age- 5
  • Wife- Abigail R. Hostetler, Sons- B. Tomas Hostetler(2) & Liam Hostetler(7months)

Ministry Experience

Hartford Federated Church and First Baptist Church of Newberg

  • I was the Associate Pastor of Family and Youth, encompassing many people. The Youth group when I arrived wasn’t functioning at all nor was there anything for families to do either. Now there is a functioning and growing youth group, a kids club, and a class for the parents of the kids in the different programs. (I created and organized my own curriculum for all my classes)
  • Currently I am leading a young adults/College group at 1st Baptist Church of Newberg and have made my own curriculum as well.

 Word of Life Collegians

  • Sang and toured with a group of 16 fellow Word of Life Bible Institute students, Director Ms. Euanna Pigford and Speaker Mr. Dick Dray. We sang and ministered at various churches from Northern New York to South-West Michigan.

Word of Life Ministry and Internships

  • Spring 2014- Missions Reality Short Term Missions Trip to Canada.
  • Summer of 2014 – Word of Life Ranch and Ranger Camp Security Guard. Summer of 2013 – Councilor for nine weeks, I lived with, Discipled and trained 11 young men on staff at The Word of Life Campground Kitchen.
  • Summers of 2011 & 2012- Word of Life France, Student Training Corps.


            Word of Life Bible Institute

  • Completed 1st and 2nd  year Program (looking to further education while in ministry)

Marcellus High School

  • Graduating class of 2012
  • Louis Armstrong Jazz Award 2012
  • Varsity letters in Basketball and baseball

Let’s pray that God will continue to advance our Youth and Family Ministry at Kirk Church.  Pray for Ben and Abby and their family to have wisdom and peace to guide them in this possible opportunity. Pray that the leadership will hear God’s voice and have confidence in this decision.  Pray that if God creates a partnership with this young family that He will open doors for housing and employment that will provide for their needs and bless them in a possible decision to help us grow the church and reach young ones and families for Jesus.